Patons Butchers Largs

A. D. Paton Quality Butcher of Largs, offers customers home made produce of the highest quality. Famous for their range of freshly-made, pies, sausages and puddings of all kinds, all products are made on the premises and presented fresh daily.


Steak Pies, Bridies, Pasties, Sausage Rolls, Mince Rounds, Scotch Pies, Lamb Pies, Game Pies, Venison Pies, Poachers Pies, Black Puddings, White Puddings, Fruit Puddings, Haggis. Sausages, Slice Sausage, Potted Meat.Beef Dripping, Steak Burgers, Onion Slice, Tomato Slice, Spicy Slice, Italian Slice Sausage,

Flavoured Sausages: Pork and Leek, Pork and Chives, Apricot and Apple, Garlic and Herb, Cranberry and Orange, Cranberry and Apple, Italian Sausages, Beef and Chilli, Cumberland Sausage, Red Wine and Rosemary.


Robert Burns immortalised the haggis worldwide, with his poem "To a Haggis" and Paton Butchers are justifiably proud of the quality of their home-made haggis. Available all year round and particularly for Burns Suppers in January, they make vast quantities to their own secret recipe to satisfy the demand. They make delicious black, white and fruit pudding to their own traditional recipe.

Full provenance of all meat and produce sold on the premises can be verified and every item is Quality Meat Assured.

Patons Butchers Largs