Patons Butchers Largs

Patons Butchers of Largs use only the finest quality fresh meat and in addition to a regular and loyal clientelle, Patons Butchers supply many hotels, restaurants, bistros and residential homes throughout Largs, North Ayrshire and the surrounding area.


Cuts such as Rib Eye, T-Bone, Shoulder, Rump, Braising, Fillet, Sirloin and Popeseye Steak are all popular, in addition to the wide range of rolled meats, such as Silverside, Brisket and Rump.

A full range of Lamb and Pork Products is stocked and always available. (download a PDF of the full list of goods)

Chicken and Turkey are delivered fresh daily and can by purchased whole or jointed according to your requirements.

If you wish a specific item, or require larger quantities for a celebration meal, our staff can offer advice and guidance.

Cold Cuts

A wide selection of Cold and Cured Meats is available at Patons Butchers of Largs. Gammon, corned beef and roasts such as beef, lamp or pork, in addition to a range of peppered, smoked and imported meats to suit every taste, which includes Pate, smoked sausage, salami, Parma Ham and Salami.

Deciding on choices and quantities for picnics or buffet tables, speak to our experienced and qualified staff who will be pleased to advise you.